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CGF Hair Restoration Treatment

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How CGF Hair Restoration Works

Hair loss is a very common condition that will affect 80% of men and 50% of women at some point of their lives. Hair loss happens due to any number of factors including; genetics, hormonal imbalances, levels of stress, lack of proper nutrients, and numerous diseases.

For most people, though, hair loss is caused by what doctors call androgenetic alopecia. Aging also plays a significant role. Currently, due to the high stress environment everyone has been living in, many people are experiencing a stress related hair loss called telogen effluvium.

Hair loss is caused by gradual miniaturization of the hair follicles. There are many factors that are responsible for this process, most ultimately effecting the blood supply and cellular metabolism of the follicle. Hair follicles communicate within themselves and with other nearby follicles with small protein molecules and are responsive to changes in your body’s hormones, stress levels, medication, diet, scalp health, and many other influences. Some of these small protein molecules are called cytokines and growth factors.

Our Cytokine & Growth Factor (CGF) Hair Therapy treatment, sourced from human bone marrow, works by biohacking the cellular matrix of the hair follicle root. When the serum is placed upon and needled into the scalp, the growth factors and cytokines act like a chemical “switch,” telling the hair follicle to switch on and stay on, producing longer, thicker, healthier hair. The treatment takes the concepts from PRP and enhances it by modifying the serums used to the perfect condition, and not relying on the patient’s health (cells are not extracted from patient’s bloodstream). By using serums made with bone marrow stem cells, it is 100% free of inflammatory cells, and the bio signals produced are 15 to 50 times more bountiful. 100% of CGF therapy patients notice new hair growth and %92 have seen improvement in quality and texture after treatment. To learn if this treatment is the right fit for you book a consultation with us.

CGF Hair Regrowth Treatment Process

  1. Complete medical history and physical assessment is done.
  2. The area of thinning hair is identified, photographed and measured with HairCheck.
  3. A mechanical antiseptic scalp wash is performed.
  4. Painless local anesthesia is applied to the treatment area using ProNox.
  5. Treatment area is sanitized.
  6. The CGF treatment is administered into the area.
  7. Micro channeling with hyaluronic acid is used to create microtrauma in the skin which triggers your body’s own healing response.
  8. You review follow up schedule and home maintenance treatment kit procedure.

The Science Behind the CGF Serum

Our CGF hair restoration therapy treatment combines a medical grade growth factor and cytokine serum and micro-needling technology to produce new healthy hair growth. The science behind how the serum is made and how the treatment works is presented below.

Step 1

Bone marrow is extracted from young, healthy, pre-screened adult donors, at ethically sourced certified laboratories.

Step 2

Bone marrow is then separated using a centrifuge into 4 layers; plasma, MNC, Ficoll Paque, and red blood cells/unwanted cells.

Step 3

The mesenchymal stem cells (MNC) are separated from the other substances, and are transferred and stored into a stem cell bank.

Step 4

The stem cells are taken to a laboratory where they are cultured and modified to produce conditioned media focused on hair growth. They are then preserved in natural lipid envelopes.

Step 5

The serum produced is placed upon the areas of concern and because the serum uses liposomonal technology, the microscopic molecules can slip between the epidermal cells and reach the hair repairing cells.  

Step 6

For optimal results, the serum is then micro-needled into the hair follicles with a 0.5-2.0mm needle, to ensure the growth factors and cytokines are reaching the targeted areas.

What To Expect

Before Care

  • Come in with clean hair  
  • No products in hair (oils, dry shampoos, hair sprays, etc)


Each in office procedure takes 2-2.5 hours depending on
treatment area and hair length. 

Recommended Sessions

3-6 treatments are recommended once every 2-4 weeks depending on individual client needs. Every hair restoration package includes a home maintenance kit. The client will apply a topical growth factor solution daily in between sessions to ensure maximal results.

After Care

The treated area will be red and hair will be wet from being cleaned and sanitized. For the first 12 hours the client should refrain from touching the treatment area with uncleaned fingers, but can resume all normal activities right away. The hair can be washed at home after 12 hrs.




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